Jonathan Buick, Managing Director and Founder

Mr. Buick brings over 15 years of business, management and financing experience to Harp Capital. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, equity research and corporate finance. We are confident our clients and partners will benefit from his relationships, experience and judgment. Mr. Buick is also the founder and Managing Director of The Buick Group, a Toronto based strategic advisory firm that assists private and publicly traded companies achieve fair market value and strengthened brand recognition in the global financial markets.
BJ Choi, Managing Director
Mr. Choi has been involved as an advisor to companies in the resource sector, his focus has been on base metals, uranium, coal, and oil and gas.    In his role as advisor Mr. Choi has been successful in representing our clients in the negotiation of Joint Ventures, strategic partnerships, project finance and direct investment through his extensive set of relationships with Korean corporations and financial institutions.  Mr. Choi is also the founder and President of Can-Kor Resources Inc., a Toronto based strategic consulting firm focused on natural resources, commodities and mining.   Mr. Choi holds his Bachelor and Master degree (Metallurgical Engineering) from Sung Kyun Kwan University (Seoul, Korea) and Master Engineering degree from University of Colorado (Boulder, USA).